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It’s The Mirror, Not The Mayor

The current administration, excluding the Mayor, are a group of people who promised to change the status quo at City Hall. With the exception of one person, and, of course, those whose ward I am not in, these are people that I voted for or who I encouraged other people to vote for. It galls […]

A Confederacy of Dunces

If you haven’t strolled down the west end of Main Street recently—or more precisely, prior to Tuesday, September 5th—you may not want to take that trip for another twenty years or so. Yesterday our City fathers and mothers presided over a Class A hack job and cut down all the mature trees on the west […]

Fast and Loose with the Truth

Is this really what we voted for? A Poughkeepsie Journal editorial is alleging today that the City of Beacon used “chicanery” to hide facts regarding a settlement for a brutality suit between Beacon resident Samuel Parker and the COB. In the editorial it was alleged that the City Council attempted to circumvent a Freedom of […]

The End (Or, beware the Ides of marching on)

Nearly three years ago 5 people got together in a little room on a struggling Main Street and decided that the City of Beacon needed a newspaper of its own. It was then that Audrey Molsky, Debra Adamsons, Nell Timmer, Mike Daecher, and I decided to fill an important gap in the Beacon community. We’re […]

You Want $1500 Dollars For What?

If you haven’t attempted to open a business in Beacon—or more specifically, a business where your customers sit in your establishment for an extended period of time, like a restaurant—you’re no doubt unaware that opening this kind of business in this City is an expensive proposition. But not for the reasons that you might expect. […]

Editorial: Thriving Business in Beacon

Jane Jacobs, a great urban planner and theorist, once said, “The point of cities is multiplicity of choice.”  Inside this end of the year issue, you will find a list, by no means exhaustive, but hopefully compelling enough to make you take to your feet and walk down Main Street to do your Christmas shopping.  […]

Editorial: Vote Yes On Open Space Referendum

In November of 1909 the naturalist John Muir sent an open letter to the American people encouraging them to contact their members of Congress and encouraging them to preserve the Hetch-Hetchy Valley, “…unmarred as places of rest and recreation for the use of all the people…” At the time of Muir’s writing the City of […]

Editorial: Transparency and Truth

On September 26th the Beacon Dispatch learned that we were under investigation by our Internet Service Provider (ISP) for possibly violating our Acceptable Use Policy. According to our ISP someone had contacted them stating that the Beacon Dispatch website, and more specifically last month’s editorial, included anonymous postings that were, “…offensive, defamatory, and malicious,” and […]

Editorial: Don’t Get Schooled Again

Late last month the group that bought and now manages the former Beacon High School—The Beacon Cultural Foundation—announced that they were filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. While rising utilities costs were cited as one reason for the BCF’s financial woes, in an article in the Poughkeepsie Journal the cultural foundation’s Sam Yanes revealed what is […]

Editorial: Things That Go BOOM! WHINE! ROAR! In the Night

Few things are as pleasant as a cool summer night, when the humidity is low and the temperatures dip in the 60’s. Too often on sticky summer nights the house is hermetically sealed with air conditioners running in every room. Opening the windows and letting in the fresh air is a rare pleasure. Until your […]

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