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Mayor Gould demotes Sassi; considers further action

Yesterday PoJo reported that Beacon Mayor Clara Lou Gould extended police chief Richard Sassi’s unpaid suspension by two weeks. She also made the decision to demote Sassi to an unspecified position. Said the Mayor in her letter to Sassi:

"You clearly have a complete lack of respect for the city administrator, which disrespect led to your gross insubordination towards him … your misconduct has resulted in a complete lack of trust on all levels of City government … Over the next week or so, I will be considering to what position you shall be demoted and will advise you when that determination has been made."

Rumors have been circulating in Beacon that Sassi would resign on Monday, but as of now that is still hearsay. While it’s good to see the Mayor putting the interests of the community first, she needs to keep going until this situation is resolved in its entirety.

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  1. While it saddens me to see any person have their livelihood in jeopardy…let the examples of misconduct and lack of professionalism exhibited on the part of Chief Sassi and others in the police department serve as a harsh reminder to us all that if we are hired to serve the public, that we must be more responsible and use our intellect and learn to put the needs of our community, before our personal conflicts. A profesional, despite their differences with others, will work hard to achieve what is expected of them to the best of their ability. Perhaps it is time for a new vision and to put a fresh face on the Beacon Police Department. No more nepotism. No more arrogant policemen. A time to hire a Chief that understands the value of getting to know the individuals who live in our community. A time for well-trained officers who behave in a friendlier manner to the residents of Beacon. A staff that has the ability to and truly enjoys responding to people in a time of crisis. A time to have a police force of policemen and POLICEWOMEN who are diversified and represent Beacon’s ever changing population. A police department who gets out on foot and interacts with the community. This is how you promote safety. We need officers who truly believe in the purpose of their badge and who truly want to uphold their M.O. of “protect and serve” instead of a bunch of rude men with badges, hi-tech computers in their vehicles, who drive their cars up and down Main Street like cowboys on speed, are rude to the public on the telephone and who refuse callers who need assistance by spewing out the phrase “there are no officer available to assist you,” yet expect their paychecks to reflect salary amounts in excess of $100,000 a year, for doing absolutely nothing!

    I really do hope the next Chief takes the Beacon Police Department in a better direction.

    Sincerely, I.B. of Beacon

    Posted by I.B. of Beacon | October 9, 2006, 1:16 pm
  2. I grew up in Beason a long time ago. I live in California, I am a deputy with the thirteenth largest sheriff’s department in this state. I have been for over 29 years. In California it is all about the people you serve, to help in a crisis, and in good times. I am not sure what is going on with the police department in Beaco. I know some of the officers. I have been reading about this unrest online for years. It is time you have a department that serves the citizens of the community, that is what we do in California. It is not about us, it is about the people we serve. The community and the police or sheriff’s department work together to make a better community. So if you have to start over again, let the citizens respect and trust the administration and officers of the police department. That is what is should be, not the conflict I keep reading about. So if he Chief needs to go so the department can start again serving it’s citizens, then so be it.

    Posted by David | February 24, 2010, 6:26 am
  3. P.S. Reading the mayor’s comments.I agree, a community has to respect and have confidence in the men and women who are out there to protect them. Not be afraid or weary if they have to call 9-11.

    Posted by David | February 24, 2010, 6:33 am
  4. Sassi Jr. has been getting away with a lot of shady things for years. He hid behind his father. He is a disgrace. He was paid well and stole from the people that he arrested, including myself. I can’t understand how a 911 telephone call could be considered a misdemeanor. If someone else did that, it would be a felony. He was on duty, having sex, and drinking all at the tax payers expense. The laugh is on the people who put him in that position.

    Posted by kitty | October 8, 2013, 2:53 pm

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