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#30:March 2007

City Council Update

by Germán Hayles

City Council Meeting
February 5th, 2007


  • Special Use Permit: Artist Live/Work Space – 17 East Main Street – Owner: Sharon Bronte.
  • Amendment to Special Use Permit: Professional Office – 1203 North Avenue – Owner: Karen Palumbo.
  • Traffic & Safety Committee Ratifications: No parking between signs South Side of Tioronda Avenue from Two Tioronda Avenue to a point 125 feet west.
  • Authorize: Mayor to sign Project Amendment for:
    C006177 Waterfront Rediscovery Initiative – I
  • Agreement C006502 Transportation Planning for Beacon Harbor, Downtown and Denning’s Point.
  • Agreement C006403 Harbor Management Planning and Design of Waterfront Facility Renovation Agreement.
  • Amended Resolution Authoring the City of Beacon To Provide Matching Funds of $16,667 for the Byrne Grant Provided the City is approved for the Byrne Grant of $50,000 for a total of $66,667.


  • Conservation Advisory Commission: Approve appointment of Patrick Freeman for a two year term. Term to expire 12/31/08.
  • Approve promotion of Police Officer Richard J. Sassi, II to Detective effective March 5, 2007.
  • Richard Sassi, Jr. amid some controversy was appointed to the position of detective. In the past, then Officer Sassi filed a federal lawsuit against the City of Beacon for being passed over for promotion by the Police Department.
  • Sassi alleged that he has been denied advancement because of Beacon’s anti-nepotism policy. He stated, “The only reason the city passed this law was because of me. It doesn’t apply to anyone else working for the city. Personally I don’t think Beacon should have an anti-nepotism policy.”
  • The Resolution for the promotion of Richard J Sassi, II to detective was initially questioned by Council Member Lee Kyriacou. Councilman Kyriacou pointed out that Sassi earned $150 Thousand Dollars the previous year, $90 thousand of which was in over time and that there were numerous complaints by the citizens of beacon against Sassi; primarily about tickets issued.
  • The issue was decided behind closed doors at this session. Effective March 5th, 2007 Richard J. Sassi, II shall hold the position of Detective in the City of Beacon.
  • Also on the Agenda was a proposed pay increase for School Crossing Guards. The current salary for a Beacon School Crossing Guard is $10.50/hr. In Cold Spring a Crossing Guard performing the same duty earns $14.50. The pay increase would help alleviate the strain on city resources. When a Crossing Guard does not show up for duty, their duties are executed by a city personnel (e.g. DPW employees, etc.). <Corrected March 4, 9:31 am>

City Council Meeting
February 20th, 2007

Local Laws and Ordinances:

  • Proposed Local Law. Deleting the Current Chapter 119 and replacing it with a new chapter providing for the Administration and Enforcement of the New York Uniform Fire Prevention and Building Code
  • Proposed Local Law. Amending chapter 11, Building Inspector, and Renaming the chapter building Inspector / Code Enforcement Officer


  • Authorize Performance Bond Reduction for the Polo Fields Phase III
  • Authorize Mayor to sign contract with Buckhurst Fish & Jacquermart, Inc. (BFJ) for consultant services to prepare the Transportation Linkage plan.
  • Execute an agreement releasing the property (381-391 Main Street) from the Right of Reversion and Revesting as contained in the 1972 Deed.
  • Approval for the City of Beacon to join the City of Corning, at the request of Mayor Frank Coccho, Sr. in support of helping to improve the economic prosperity and financial stability of the Cities Across the State of New York.

Loop Bus Stop at Forrestal Heights
Spirit of Beacon Day

The Spirit of Beacon parade was a well attended and emotionally charged topic of debate. The parade was created in response to racial tensions which came to it’s apex in 1977.

The issue being debated was the right of a private organization to exclude participation of certain groups. The “group” in question here is really political groups marching in the parade and passing out promotional material, or simply put “using the parade for campaigning”.

The council proposed a hotly contested resolution that would allow them, as well as others with a political agenda, to march in the parade. However, the opposing argument was simply that the intention of the parade was simply to foster community, and celebrate the unity and divisersity of the City of Beacon without turning it into a political arena.

Council members, Phillip Shea and Elizabeth Foster spoke in opposition to this resolution stating that it was both punitive in spirit, and was not in alignment with the original intent of the parade.

After much back and forth Councilman Lee Kyriacou read from the Parades original charter and pointed out that the opposing sides had much more in common than not. He proposed that the resolution not be passed in favor of having the Spirti of Beacon Day committee meet with the Council and reach an agreement within a thirty day period. Both sides were in agreement with this.

The hourly pay for crossing guards will be raised from $10.50 to $13.00 an hour. The increase will take effect February 26th, 2007.
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3 comments for “City Council Update”

  1. “” When a Crossing Guard does not show up for duty, their duties are executed by a city personnel (e.g. off duty police, etc.).””

    The city utilizes DPW workers to cover the posts when a crossing guard is out. The city does not hire off duty police to come in on overtime to cover them.

    Posted by ARGE | March 4, 2007, 9:05 am
  2. Noted and changed, thanks.

    Posted by jeff | March 4, 2007, 9:33 am
  3. This is for the Council. I would like to see the traffic fines in Beacon increased substantially. I think it will improve the quality of life in the City. As I e-mailed the Mayor recently, it isn’t a matter of if you will be hit, but when you will be hit. There will be a major headon collision on Washington Ave.; I’ve seen too many near misses on that street over the past month to think otherwise. Increased fines will deter a lot of that behavior and will add the City’s coffers. I hope this matter will be addressed.

    Thank you,

    Kate Bushek

    Posted by Kate Bushek | July 31, 2007, 9:58 pm

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